Čemerno Mountain

Čemerno Mountain is located in the south-western Serbia, on the left side of Ibar River, north from Studenica Monastery. Čemerno is mountain of the middle height with Smrdljuš the highest peak /1579 meters/. Čemerno mountain is elongated chain that spreads on 21 km in the course north-west and south-east. Sides of Čemerno Mountain are divided with tributaries of Ibar and Studenica Rivers.

From the south Cemerno Mountain is bordered with the valley of Studenica River and from the north with the Dubočica and Borošnica river valleys whose tributaries also intersect and divide the mountain. One of the most beautiful parts of Čemerno Mountain is the area of numerous springs on the north-east from Gusarica and Bresnik villages. The peak of Čemerno Mountain is Smrdljus -rather narrowed with numerous springs located just below the mountainous chains. Among most attractive springs are : Kadina voda – “Savina voda” which is situated below the peaks of Gvozdac and Zmajevac and between Smrdjus and Rudo summits.

The most accessible and most popular spring of Čemerno Mountain lies at the altitude of 700 meters in the village of Odmenje which is well-known for its “Savina voda springs” with outstanding curative features. The most of the Cemerno Mountain chain is covered with lush forests while on some parts of the mountainous chain there are small and large grass clearings with cattle-breeding huts.

The bad road on the Western side of Cemerno Mountain goes down along the mountainous ranges towards the north and the villages of Tolisnica in the upper course of Borošnica River and to the villages of Savovo /the hamlet of Ponore/ and towards Maglich Fortification in the Ibar River Valley. There are many cattle-breeding huts on the southern side of Čemerno Mountain which are scattered close to the mountainous sides above the villages of Savovo and Đakovo. This almost undicovered but beautiful mountain attract true nature lovers and adventurers.