Donation of the company “Vatrosprem” – the firefighting vehicle

In the last few years, fires near the Studenica Monastery have become more frequent. During the previous 2020, in the period from mid-March to mid-May, there were six minor fires in the monastery area.

The last one got out of control and lasted for several days, approaching the Studenica Monastery and the nearby elementary school, almost endangering them. The fire was localized on May 16. It was extinguished by fire brigades, members of the Voluntary Fire Brigade “Studenica”, the local people as well as the brotherhood of the Monastery. Tens of hectares of pine forest were burned. The pine forest is difficult to extinguish and the terrain is steep and inaccessible.

Aware of the importance of the Studenica Monastery and knowing about the fire threat, the Director and owner of the company “Vatrosprem” from Belgrade, graduate engineer Dragiša Marinković, decided to donate a fire truck to the Studenica Monastery. This company employs top expert engineers and only in Serbia manufactures and installs fire systems on vehicles. The vehicle donated to the Monastery has traction on all four wheels, tanks with water and foam, a pump and hoses for hosepipe spraying . In case of a fire, the fire brigade can head to the Monastery from Ušće, which is 11 km away, and in the best case, it can reach Studenica in about 15 minutes. The firefighting vehicle donated by “Vatrosprem” will always be ready in the Monastery complex.

Video by Radoslav Živković referes to the growing danger of fire in Studenica Monastery area: