Maglič Fortress 3D reconstruction

Maglič is a fortification located near the town of Kraljevo, above the Ibar highway. The fortress is located on a hill protected on three sides by the river Ibar, and it used to have an enormous military-strategic importance. During the Middle Ages, a caravan route connected the Pomoravlje region with Kosovo. It cannot be said with certainty who built the fortress, whether if was Serbian king Stefan the First Crowned in order to protect the monasteries of Žiča and Studenica, or it was his son Uroš I to prevent the Mongol attacks. What we can claim with certainty is that the local residents call this fortress “Jerina’s Town” and that thez are doing it by mistake because Irene Kantakouzene, the wife of Serbia’s Despot Đurađ Branković lived in the first half of the fifteenth century, while the fortress itself was built at the beginning or in the mid 13th century.