Magnificent village Rudno on slopes of mountain Golija

Village of Rudno is the tiny picturesque, mountainous village and the natural beauty-spot of Central Serbia, located at the altitude of 1100 meters, on the green slopes of 15 km- long Radocelo Mountain.

Rudno village along the plateau on which it is located, overviews the wild and gorgeous Golija Mountain peaks that reach more than 1800 meters. Many consider the area of Rudno village and its surroundings the most beautiful mountainous part of Serbia.

Rudno village is located within the Golija – Studenica Biosphere Reserve, featuring magnificent panorama on surrounding Kopaonik and Golija Mountains, numerous crystal-clear streams and rivers rich in mountainous trout and river crabs, and well-developed rural accommodation in home-stays and households.

Climate of Golija Mountain and its gorgeous surroundings is extremely rough, but suitable for healing blood diseases (anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hematological malignancies) and chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema).

The Rudno village area represents typical mountainous region with tiny villages consisting of few households, scattered along the vast meadows and intact nature, with small number of inhabitants.

Having “five” seasons during the year, the Rudno village and the centrally located mountainous area of Serbia which surrounds it, makes one of the most beautiful Serbian regions. The Rudno village consists of a numbers of remote hamlets scattered on pretty long distances.

Rudno village is 16 km away from the closest urban place of Usce and from Kraljevo you can reach it via village of Tepec after some 66 km, as it is located just between Studenica and Gradac Monasteries.

The highlander people from Rudno and surrounding villages are traditionally dependent of business connected with forestry and agriculture, thanks to the abundance of waters and untouched natural resources, have long tradition in the cattle breeding.

Rudno is widely known for outstanding quality of potato, for which visitors prove to have “an uniquely sweet taste”. The river of Vrevina flows through the Rudno village collecting the streams from Radocelo Mountain that attract visitors fond of fishing and nature exploration. The ancient road from the times of Nemanjic’s Dynasty, has been recently rebuilt and connects the surrounding villages with the Serbian main cultural highlights – Gradac and Studenica Monasteries which makes Rudno village actually situated between them.

There is the bakery and milk processing industry in Rudno village, with capacities for fat-cheese exclusive genuine production with addition of rare medicinal herbs and forest fruits abundantly grown here. During past times the traditional songs and dances have been performed in almost every household of Rudno village, but nowadays only the dog barking and cat purr disturb the tranquil and astonishing eye-shot atmosphere.

This Godlike village of Rudno, which features unique conditions for tourism is famous for its organic home-made products, such are cheese, kaymak, buckwheat pie, fresh tomato salad, smoked ham, baked lamb with potatoes… that completes the joy of every visitor.

A special delight is a walk through thick forests to the nearby Katava, Crkvine, Divan, Nikoljaca, Krivaca mountain peaks or every day routing, such is making haystacks – what always specially pleases Rudno guests in summer. Those remarkable features of the tiny Rudno village enable a thorough invigoration and rest for all senses.