Pridvorica Monastery

Pridvorica Monastery is located in the deep seclusion of Central Serbia, in the tiny village of Pridvorica, 20 km to the south-west of Ivanjica towards Studenica Monastery. Monastery is surrounded with intact nature and wilderness of Studenica River.

Pridvorica Monastery was built in the 12th century, in the same period when the nearby Studenica Monastery was founded by Stefan Nemanya. Monastery is endowment of the servant who served to the Great Duke Stefan Nemanja and the Court of Nemanjich Dinasty and it got its name after the servant of the court /pri dvoru/.

By the construction of its structure Pridvorica Monastery is the typical example of Raska Medieval architectural School. Pridvorica Monastery was first mentioned in the Chrisobyll of Stefan Nemanjic granted to Studenica Monastery as the sacral place with nuns.

Frescoes of Pridvorica church are damaged. At the beginning Monastery was the nunnery and the patron church during its history. From 2007 it was again stated the Monastery with the Prior monk and two novices.

The Church of Pridvorica Monastery is dedicated to the Holy Transfiguration and is one of the rare among the Serbian Monasteries that have its own coat-of-arm.