Radocelo Mountain

Radocelo is mountain situated in central Serbia, on the left bank of Ibar River, about 12 km west from the tiny town of Ušće. Radocelo is the mountainous range that spreads in the course northeast – southwest of about 15 km which is extended toward the south-east.

On the western and the southern sides of Radocelo Mountain there is the valley of Studenica River which is the left tributary of Ibar River. Along the valleys of right tributaries of Studenica River and spring parts of Brvenica River which is also left tributary of Ibar River Radocelo Mountain is divided into high sides and peaks : Krivača /1643 meters/ on the south-west and Vrhovi /1533 meters/ on the south-west.

The south-west part of Radocelo Mountain contains carbonic cliffs while in the northern part of Permian sandstone and the middle part are made of Periodittes and serpentine. South from the Radocelo Mountain massif the village of Milići lies and downstream is Brezova village and Studenica Monastery. On the southern side of Radocelo Mountain there are beautiful villages of Rudno and Devici, with excellent rural households that provide tourist services.

Radocelo Mountain is predominantly covered with hundred-years old pine forests which provide genuine and memorable smells of resin and fragrant meadows you can find nowhere like those… The Holy Virgin Church of Studenica Monastery was covered with marble from Radocelo Mountain quarry.


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