Restoration of the most precious frescoes from Nemanjic period in the Studenica Monastery

Preparations for the most extensive works so far on restoration wall paintings in church space under the dome, in the Virgin’s church in the Studenica Monastery, are in progress.

For that occasion, these days, is installed impressive scaffolding throughout naos. Also, there is a spacious platform set next to the very dome reaching inaccessible parts of the walls with damaged frescoes. Thereby is enabled comfortable and safe work for the experts conservators – restorers, but also completely unobstructed use of the church.

Plan is to finish conservation – restoration works on the oldest and most precious frescoes placed in the higher zones of the object, such are: St. Sava’s Ktetor inscription, Veil of Veronica and Evangelists. Beside these works, planned is parallel work on lower zones, on very damaged frescoes on which are depicted Old Testament prophets placed around windows on the north wall. A unique original stained glass from Nemanjic period is placed on the same wall.

Scaffolding will be also installed in front of the most important compositions such as: the most famous Studenica’s Crucifixion, The Holy Virgin, Saint Sabbas the Sanctified and John the Baptist. Here is planned to initiate interventional initial works and preparations for comprehensive works which would follow next few seasons.

Funds for the work are provided by Government of Republic of Serbia. Funds would be realized for the mentioned and planned purpose through The Ministry of Culture and Information (Serbia) with constant expert supervision of The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Serbia. Contractor is the firm KOTO from Belgrade. The firm TOPERS is performing design and installation of the scaffolding.

Author of the project of conservation – restoration works and professional supervision:
MSc Stojanka Samardzic, conservator – restorer of painting, expert advisor at The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Serbia.

Translation to English : Milica Racich