The gold shines again on Crucifix of Studenica

During 2019 one more working season of conservation and restoration works on frescos in Virgin Mary church of Studenica was finished. Numerous visible and invisible damages on the sufrace of the frescos as well as in deep  cracks of the wall are traces of time, suffering and duration.

By protection and consolidation of these spots the life of this valuable masterpiece of art from 13th century is prolonged. The old leads were changed and the layers were cleaned. They were of different origin and they covered sensitive painted surfaces. In that way the colours are completely restored on the spots where fresco is not completely damaged.

Thanks to special delicate and cronological ways of cleaning which are done on the surfaces of the halo the gold which was covered with layers of soot and whitewash layers shines again.

Monumental composition Jesus Christ Crucifixtion is the most important part of the uniquely completed art integrity as it is Virgin Mary Church which with its existance testifies about models, postulates and endurance of its patrons.

Republic Institution for the protection of cultural monuments, author and manager of the project, mr Stojanka Samardzic conservator-restorer, expert advisor.

Team of experts conservator-restorers: Gordana Jakovljev manager of experts team for the KOTO company Vesna Canak, Nenad Bogojevic, Marija Pesanovic, Dragana Protic, Luka Dedic, Vladimir Markoski, Suzana Zlatic, Mirko Odalovic, Milica Andjelic, Jovana Jovanovic, Stanica Mladenovic, Anastasija Jovicic, Milana Jovanovic, Strahinja Djordjevic, Tijana Knezevic, Magdalena Drobnjakovic, Jelena Simic

Students of bachelor and master academic studies of curriculum conservation and reatoration, Faculty of applied arts, department conservation and restoration Pavle Djajic, Kristina Ponjavic, Milena Stojkovic, Tijana Toskovic, Vanja Velisavljev, Aleksandra Pavlovic, Maja Curk, Tijana Lekic, Isidora Ljubisavljevic

Translation to English : Marija Bjelobrkovic