Golija Mountain

Golija Mountain is the highest mountain in the Southwest Serbia, situated in the so-called Stari Vlah area. Golija Mountain is S-shaped and 32 km long, located between Ibar and Moravica Rivers and the middle course of Studenica River and mountains of Radocelo and the Pester Plateau, covering the territory of Municipalities of Kraljevo, Raška, Novi Pazar, Sjenica and Ivanjica. Due to its magical and breathtaking beauties, well preserved natural wealth and real wilderness, and numerous cultural and historical sites, Golija Mountain is considered by many visitors as the most beautiful mountain of Serbia.

The highest peak of Golija Mountain is the Jankov Kamen peak – Janko’s Rock which is 1834 meters high, from where spreads majestic panorama all over the Stari Vlah region – up to Prokletije /Accursed Mountains/, Komovi, Kopaonik and Zlatar Mountains… Along the main ridge of Golija Mountain rise numerous breathtaking mountain peaks – Bojovo brdo (1748 m), Pašina česma ( 1725 m), Radulovac ( 1725 m), Odvraćenica (1674 m), Tičar (1492 m), Crni Vrh (1795 m), Čardak (1688 m), Kulina (1642), Jadovita (1560 m)…. Golija Mountain is serious and wild mountain that gets the highest rate of precipitation in Serbia, but it also features very pleasant and warm summers. By its stunning landscapes, rich in vast coniferous forests and endless wooded heights and endless meadows and beautiful lakes, Golija Mountain can only be compared to the nearby Kopaonik Mountain, of which it is twice larger. Hiking routes on Golija Mountain are pretty light. The altitude difference on Golija Mountain, however, deserves quite well health condition of visitors. It is recommended to use deep sneakers for hiking along Golija Mountain. Length of circle hiking routes along Golija Mountain varies from 9 to 12 km, and they start from the Golijska reka point. Members of the Golija Mountaineering association recently completed demarcation of the Golija hiking trail from Katici village to the peak of Mucanj Mountain, in both directions, which is 17 km long and features altitude difference of 504 meters. The cycling along the Golija Mountain, however, provides true challenge and fun for bicyclers. Thanks to its outstanding unspoiled beauties and extreme wild settings UNESCO in 2001 declared Golija Mountain the First category Park of Nature and the Biosphere Reserve among the World’s Nature Reservations called “Golija-Studenica”, covering 75.183 ha.

Golija Mountain is situated about 300 km south of Belgrade, 40 km south-west of Ivanjica and 32 km north of Novi Pazar. Golija Mountain got its name after its large surface and size /golema – large mountain/ and is known by its wealth of water springs, brooks and its three beautiful lakes. Tičar Lake or Dajićko Lake and Kosaninovo Jezero /Kosanin Lake/ are magnificent examples of preserved lakes within the natural resort of Golija Mountain in the heart of wilderness. The Lake of Daićko is easily accessed, since it lies just off the asphalt road leading from Ivanjica to Bele Vode, i.e. from Ivanjica to Golijska Reka, some 30 km away from Ivanjica, some 2 km away from Bele Vode and around 10 km away from Golijska Reka. The locals often call this lake “Tičar”, after the hill that lies on its Western side, but it is also known by its other names – “Svatovsko jezero” (The Wedding Party Lake) or “Gorsko oko Golije” (The Mountain Eye of Golija).

The Lake of Daićko is located on the North-Western side of Golija, stretching just off the ridge that starts from the peak of Jankov kamen (1.833 m.a.s.l.) and slopes towards north, forming the water parting between Golija’s two best-known rivers, the Moravica and the Studenica. Although it belongs to the watershed of the Moravica from the morpho-hydrological point of view, the lake lies very close to the edge of the Studenica watershed, divided from it by the Rivotine ridge. The lake lies at an altitude of 1.436 meters above the sea level, confined in a small, shallow depression. The area of the water surface is a mere 160 square meters, with a perimeter of around 50 meters.

Dense forests of Golija Mountain rich in forest products and over 100 species of medicinal herbs and abundance of fresh waters /more than 100 springs/ are protected by law and associated with numerous legends. Golija Mountain is the premium location for passionate mountain climbers, adventurers and nature-lovers and one of the most favorite and the best respected destination in PANACOMP tours. You can easily find various wild game in forests of Golija Mountain…. “Wolf Chase” is organized traditionally on Golija Mountain and is the well-known hunting event that gathers numerous hunters from Serbia and over the world. Besides, Golija and its surroundings feature row of very interesting festivals and events, among which are „Dani kraljice Jelene” /Days of Queen Helena/ celebrated at the Gradac Monastery, festival of culture, art and science „Raške duhovne svečanosti” /Ras Spiritual Festivities/ or the sport/tourist manifestation of Regatta „Tvrđava” /Fortress/. Slopes of Golija Mountain are very suitable for skiing and winter sports since in winters there is abundance of snow. During harsh winters on Golija Mountain snow lasts for five months and its average layer is 105 cm high. Walks through thick forests of Golija Mountain rich in potable waters and along fragrant meadows enhance health condition of every visitor to this magic mountain full of surprises… The 15 cycling routes of total 400 km have been marked within the West Serbia area, in favor of the active bikers and cyclists outdoor vacations. In this way the marked cycling routes connect tourist destination which provide visitors and locals choice of their wishes and physical conditions, as well as to choose tourist attractions they want to visit. Zlatibor is connected with the Tara Mountain via Mokra gora, Divčibare with the Užice area, Kosjerić and Požega. Arilje and Ivanjica are connected with the Golija Mountain, Uvac Special Nature Reserve, Pešter Plateau, Zlatar and Prijepolje. The cycling routes are well marked with the tourist signposts, there are wooden coverage in the resting points for cyclists, hikers and mountaineers. For the active vacations in Serbia, there are available bikes to rent.

Numerous rural households and rustic pensions and lodging located in sleepy villages of Golija Mountain, which provide memorable tourist service in unique natural ambiance, as well as superb hotels in Ivanjica featuring fantastic amenities for memorable team-building programs and congresses and conventions make Golija truly tempting holiday destination in Serbia throughout the year. Our best experience is full-day invigorating walk and hike through thick, almost inaccessible forests of Golija Mountain while picking up wild juicy strawberries and blackberries… and memorable encountering wild horses…and Golija wildlife…