The stunning beauty of the mountain Zaracka

Zaracka mountain (1051m) is situated above small town called Usce in Serbia, following the river Ibar and it reaches the villages Gokcanica on the south and Popovo on the the north. The amazing landscape of this mountain abuts on the mountain Studena and along with her circles the mountain Kopaonik.

It takes two hours of walking or 6.5km in order to reach the peak of the mountain Zaracka. The mountain track Usce-Brezna(Goc) is very well marked during the one half of the way up to the top. After reaching the place called Popovic, there is to take the left side of the way that goes through the forest path and in the end reveals the field. The whole mountain is a large landform of grass covered by bushes of the red juniper. It is a true pleasure walking through landforms of grass fields.

From the top Bandera you will be able to see the whole Ibar valley, from the begining in Maglic, till Raska. Also this view gives you a chance to take a look at all the biggest peaks like Usovica (Stolovi), Gusarica (Cemerno), Krivaca (Radocelo) and Jankov kamen which is the peak of the mountain Golija. The plateau called Rudnjanska can be seen from the top, along with the slopes of Rogozna (Kosovo and Metohija), mountains Kopaonik, Zeljin, Studena and the whole valley Usce.

There are sharp rocks covered by royal smokebushes on the very top. This is the mountain with the most incredible views. The scenery is breathtaking, it is the place where clear clouds are touching mountains under blue sky. The northerly wind, presented during winter and summer, plays with the grass fields, leaving its clearly marked direction path from the north to the south.

Zaracka is an extraordinary mountain, and with its generous nature attracts more and more attention.