Lakes Heaven’s Teardrop in Okruglica

The lake “Heaven’s Tear” is one of the most beautiful places that nature has given to Serbia. It is located on the mountain Golia at an altitude of 1450 m.

Apart from these lakes, a new lake, named Nebeska suza (Heaven’s Teardrop) has been formed relatively recently in Okruglica, in the area of Velike livade, near the source of the Jastrebovačka river (left hand-side tributary of the Studenica). Although it lies only a little over one kilometre away from the Ivanjica – Bele Vode road, the lake is accessible only by the means of a forest road, not suitable for passengers cars. The lake is less than 30 km away from Ivanjica.

The lake was formed at the end of 1980s, after the earthquake in Romania (1977), at a small, grass-covered plateau, at an altitude of 1.495 metres above the sea level. The lake has an irregular shape and has the largest area of all the lakes in the Moravički region. Since it is a recent phenomenon, it is completely open to research. The people named it Nebeska suza, or the Heaven’s Teardrop.

The tourist potential of the Golija lakes has not been used at all. These places are to be exploited as attractive sights of the Golija mountain, fully respecting the protection regime, preserving them as unique natural values from any negative anthropogenic impacts.