Nova Pavlica Monastery

Nova Pavlica Monastery was built by the heroic Brothers of Musić Family killed in the Battle on Kosovo Field.  Musić Brothers were sons of Musa, the great Duke of Ibar District and nephews of Prince Lazar whose mother Dragana was sister of Prince Lazar Hrebelyanovich, married to Duke Musa.

Nova Pavlica Monastery was probably constructed and fresco-painted from 1383 until 1386 just before the tragic Kosovo Battle in 1389 on the place where ore /especially silver/ was dug from the ancient times, about 2 km south-east from the town of Brvenik. Nova Pavlica Monastery together with the Stara Pavlica Monastery belonged to the Medieval District of Brvenik fortification on Ibar River. Nova Pavlica Monastery church is dedicated to the Holy Virgin entrance to the temple and features trefoil base of inscribed cross with the cupola standing on four slim pillars that dominates the church. The Nova Pavlica Monastery Church has been built from the stone and afterwards plastered. On the western side of the Nova Pavlica Monastery nathex there is the high bell-tower.

Although fresco painting of Nova Pavlica Monastery features kind of provincial influence, it is considered of high quality. Frescoes are preserved only in the central part of the Nova Pavlica church in its lower zones. The most impressive frescoes of Nova Pavlica Monastery representing Music Brothers are well preserved, as well as some portraits of saints in the southern choir. Nova Pavlica Monastery is dedicated to the Entrance of Theotokos into the Temple.