Studenica Monastery: Renewed Fresco the Assumption of the Virgin

Conservation and restoration works on frescoes in the Church of the Holy Virgin in the Studenica Monastery were completed for this season. In the previous four months, all the protection works and complete restoration of the fresco Assumption of the Virgin were performed.

The demanding interventions carried out by the expert hands of the restoration team gave a new life to this remarkable medieval picture that was severely damaged. In the previous period, its further deterioration has been stopped, and with the reconstruction of parts that have been destroyed the fresco can again be seen as a whole.

Until now, it was not possible to see this fresco due to the thickness of the damage network that the surface of the image is covered. There were up to 700 per square meter. For this reason, all layers of the Byzantine mortar were strengthened, then the holes of damage (sealing) were filled, which are then tinted in accordance with the surrounding surfaces.

In addition, an inscription is being preserved which testifies to the emergence of this and the surrounding frescoes that occurred during the reconstruction in 16 century.

The works were implemented according to the project of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, financed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, and the contractor is the company KOTO.

Project author and conservation supervision Msc STOJANKA SAMARDZIC, painter-restorer, advisor, Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments Belgrade


GORDANA JAKOVLJEV, Conservator-Restorer

VESNA CANAK, Painter-restorer

SUZANA ZLATARIC, Conservator-Restorer

MILICA ANDJELIC, Conservator-Restorer

VLADIMIR MARKOSKI, Conservator-Restorer

LUKA DEDIC, painter

NENAD BOGOJEVIC, Conservator-Restorer

MARIJA PESANOVIC, Conservator-Restorer

JELENA SIMIC, Master Conservator-Restorer

DRAGANA VICENTIJEVIC, Master Conservator – Restorer

SELENA JUNACKOV, Master Conservator – Restorer

JOVANA JOVANOVIC, Master Conservator – Restorer

MILANA JOVANOVIC, Master Conservator – Restorer

ANASTASIA JOVANOVIC, Master Conservator – Restorer

STANICA MLADENOVIC, Master Conservator – Restorer

MARIJA VRANIC, Master Conservator – Restorer

ILIJA ANDRIC, Student of the second year of conservation and restoration of FAAD

Translation to English : Biljana Vidoevska

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